Shop til you drop! Part 2

My aim was to capture how shops use visual language on the high street. From the well-dressed mannequins that appear to look down on the shoppers, beckoning them to come inside and get “the look”. To the use of flawlessly skinned models in advertising campaigns, alongside catchy slogans to sell make up.

Following on from my first visit, I was drawn to using slow shutter speeds as I felt the blur helped to demonstrate the hustle and bustle of a shopping area. In addition, I used the shop windows to capture reflections of the surrounding areas, to demonstrate the amount of branding shoppers are exposed to in this enviornment.

The following images were captured on a second visit to Oxford Street, fittingly over the Black Friday weekend. Shoppers were scurrying around with their shopping bags, looking for their final so-called bargains before the shops closed.

On this occasion I used the 18-35mm f/3.5-5.6 lens instead of my prime lens, as it gave me variable focal lengths. This enabled me to change the composition from the same perspective and was less conspicuous than my zoom lens!

I found good examples of advertising imagery and messages in Carnaby Street. Using slow shutter speeds to capture the neon lights, I created blurred abstract images of the shop fronts.

Assessment criteria 2,3,4,5.


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