Final selection & Evaluation

I used my digital camera throughout this project because I wanted to create high resolution images that I could easily upload and edit. The final images were printed on gloss and lustre paper, as not only do they absorb colours well, the effect compares to that of the glossy magazine covers which promote fashion.

But I think there is meaning in the use of the digital camera, as this product has increased the popularity of photography. Due to the ease of capturing and storing images in lens based technology, we now produce millions of images every day. Most of which will never be printed. The instant satisfaction of viewing an image immediately after it has been captured, promotes the urge to take more photos and contributes to photographic ‘waste’ on our memory cards, phones and computers. I feel this is symbolic to our throw away culture.

If I had had more time and a working computer, I would have liked to of experimented with slides as they produce images with strong colours. In addition, I would have benefited from developing my skills on a film camera.

This subject has depth and potential to evolve further. I feel the final images contain elements which relate to fashion and image, creating a visual language. I have used lines and depth within some of the compositions which liken to Andreas Gursky’s work and focused on the use of colour; mainly red, pink and yellow. The use of colour and slow shutter speeds has contributed to the style of the images.

Following feedback from the class I printed the ‘Female’ image to add to the final set of images. Initially I felt it was not an overtly interesting image, however when combined with the other images it adds to the overall visual language and style. Given this project started with feminism, it is only right that it should be in there!








Assessment criteria 2, 3, 4, 5.


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