On the high street

Finally, with a couple of free hours, I managed to get out to a shopping area to capture some images which respond to my research so far.

Unfortunately I have not yet had an opportunity to go into the center of town and I am conscious the deadline is looming! So I explored the shop fronts of Chiswick High Road and Turnham Green on a dreary afternoon.

Most of the shops are tailored to the yummy mummies of Chiswick. Looking for marketing messages and slogans that spoke to the local consumer, I captured the following images.

It was my intention to go later in the afternoon, when it goes darker. The illuminated shop fronts stand out from the surroundings, like beacons of light!

With a nod to Saul Leiter, by using the window reflections, I want to capture the movement of people, lights and passing buses to create the sense of a bustling street.

These images are not visually pleasing so I compared them in B&W…..


As the purpose of these images is to document how brands encourage women to buy their clothing, I feel it would be best to use colour.

Due to the lack of aesthetic appeal, I am thinking of others ways I could possibly approach the subject to create more visual interest. Hopefully a visit to the center of town will deliver!

Assessment criteria 2, 4, 5.


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