Under the motorway

Seeking out hidden areas flowing with creativity! I love the hidden architecture beneath our motorways. The brutalist style is very imposing when it is directly above you! The concrete and repetitive lines create pathways and interest for the eye. Add graffiti into the mix and you have a kaleidoscope of colours in what would otherwise be an desolated area.

Assessment criteria 2, 4, 5.


The Hive at Kew

During the summer I visited The Hive at Kew Gardens. The structure of the installation was captured from various angles of view, resulting in some interesting shapes and patterns. Converting some of these images into Black & White emphasises these features and strengthens the final image. If the sky was whited out, it would have created a stronger contrast.




This summer I have been adding to my pet photography portfolio. My models were very well behaved, in fact i think some quite liked to pose for the camera!

Using natural light from south facing windows, I predominantly used wide apertures with fast shutter speeds and ISO 100.

I enjoy capturing images at home after a walk, when they are relaxed. Taking photos on location can be trickier due to the movement and unpredictability of the subjects, so it can take a lot longer to get a good shot.