The British Life Photography Awards

Currently on show at the Mall Galleries, London until 13th March. This exhibition showcases both amateur and professional photographers who have documented British life. Here are a small selection of the images on display.



Tailor in Fitzrovia, London by Jacek Obloj

To achieve this image, the photographer used a translucent sheet of plastic to create an unusual perspective of the tailor doing his work. I like the use of black and white as pulls together all the elements within the image. By using this perspective, the photographer has captured the tailors face as he works.

Rural Life.


Country Mists, South Downs, West Sussex by Chaitanya Deshpande

This photographer set off in the very early hours to capture the summer mists from this vantage point. A sense of serenity is captured in this image, complimented by the delicate rays of warm light from the sunrise. I would like to achieve a similar image, so I hope to find an appropriate viewing point and will be keeping a close eye on the weather forecasts over the summer months!


Burning The Heather, North Yorkshire by Paul Anthony Wilson

This was a spontaneous image captured by the photographer whilst travelling though the North Yorkshire moors. By placing the worker in the bottom corner, it allows the viewer to appreciate the scale of the flames and billowing smoke. I particularly like the textures and tones within this striking image. I would like to experiment with smoke.


Blown Washing, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides by Steve Morgan

The winner of the Rural Life category. Another spontaneous image captured along the coast of Harris. The photographer caught this back-lit scene before the sun disappeared behind the clouds. I am drawn to this image because of its surreal perspective, by not including any other domestic elements that were most probably nearby, the washing line looks odd within the landscape.

Documentary Series.

_88577802_48861copy (1)

Living with Dementia by Dan Giannopoulos

This touching series of images of a man named Dennis, spending his last day at home before being transferred to a local care facility. I can personally relate to these images, having watched my father suffer from Dementia. Capturing those special, tender and elusive moments stir my emotions.


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