The Studio – Product photography

Research and ideas for photographing lipstick on models.

Close ups – with minimal makeup the lipstick colour pops out, making it the main focus.

Playful images – using actions to create a mood.

Vintage inspiration – colourful backdrops, props and accessories:


The Studio – Nick Knight

I have chosen to research Nick Knight. He is a forward thinking photographer, whose main focus is fashion. By demonstrating such creativity, his work bridges the gap between art and photography.

Nick Knight started in 2000. It is a website that has championed film and moving image as the ideal medium for fashion in the digital age, and has utilised online streaming and real-time reporting methods – including blogging and tweeting via multimedia-enabled mobile phone handsets – to deliver fashion live, as it happens.

This is a great way for photographers to see how he achieves his images in a studio environment. I have posted below the full video of his creative collaboration with Alexander McQueen, called Blade of Light.

If you have the time to watch, it will make you really appreciate the time and effort for all those involved in order to achieve the final image!