The recent fog gave me the kick start I needed to focus on my project in the local area of Brentford. I will be particularly focusing on the derelict quarter which is due for regeneration, giving me the opportunity to document it’s history.

A sense of mood created by the fog helps to emulate the bleak and deserted area. No flash was used, these images were captured using my Nikon D3100 kit lens with slow shutter speeds, wide apertures and low ISOs where possible, to reduce the level of noise.

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My focus then turned to the industrial side of the area, which has a strong marine heritage due to it’s location at the start of the Grand Union canal. The canal was used to transport goods from the Thames up to the Midlands. The shipping yard is a hub of activity throughout the year and brings business and jobs to this mainly disused area.

These images have been edited in Lightroom 5 and have been converted into black and white to create the industrial mood and contrast of tones in the elements of the images.

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I have a particular interest in derelict areas and the bleakness that is captured in an image. A photographer who I am currently inspired by, Tamas Dezso, has produced some striking images in areas of eastern Europe/ex Soviet States. For me, his composition and use of negative space add an artistic perspective to what may be seen to some and a pretty mundane subject. I can apply the same concept to my images by creating a sense of neglect and of days gone by.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This selection of images are inspired by Tamas Dezso’s work. All have been edited in Lightroom 5, where I have adjusted the exposure and white balance to create the white sky and increased the detail and saturation of the subjects for contrast.


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