This week’s challenge was to only use the kit lens without zooming in. Through doing this, I tried be creative with my composition and perspective by capturing images at different angles.

My first outing was to Kew Gardens, however the angles were restricted due to access and surrounding obstacles. I found this very challenging, especially as I had not arrived with a clear idea of what I wanted to capture.

DSC_0156       Featured image

Featured image   DSC_0258   DSC_0263

I was inspired by the colours, textures and shapes of the plants. So I decided to take my camera out on a lovely clear and sunny morning, when there was a good light. I continued to focus on plants and experimented with alternative perspectives.

DSC_0016       DSC_0013

DSC_0018   DSC_0071   DSC_0017

I seem to lean towards positioning the camera at a high angle or positioning myself at a high angle to the subject and enjoy creating shallow depths of field so that the subject is clearly in focus and creates more impact.


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